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Dear User, upon accessing our website, the so-called cookies files may be stored on your computer disc. Cookies are small text files including strings of letters and digits sent by our website or servers of compnies whose services are used on our site (also termed as cookies of external entities) e.g. Google server. Usually cookies include information like the name o the website from which they originate, archiving time and unique number.

The cookies that are sent may be serve the following purposes:

  • Store data on the preferred layout of the site set by you to optimise the website use by displaying the site in a example proper language or proper layout or content,
  • register your participation in questionnaires and surveys,
  • register your performance of several-stage activities, e.g. use of an expanded multi-storage form or purchase at an Internetshop,
  • matching the displayed advertisements to your interests and avoiding display of one and the same advertisement all the time,
  • create anonimous statistics enabling improvement of the structure and content of the website and evaluation of interest in individual topics as presented on the website, which has influence on their viewer-friendly character also for you,
  • uphold your session on the site after login thanks to which you do not need to re-enter your login and password on each website sub-site. This type of data is encrypted and renders access by unauthorised parties.

Two key cookies types:

  • Session cookies – stored on your device until logout – exit of the site or web browser
  • Persistent cookies – stored on your device for a definite period of time, registered in their parameters or until exit

Cookies types:

  • necessary – cookies used for authentication within the website
  • security related cookies – cookies used to detect website login compromises
  • analytic (performance) – cookies enabling collecting information regarding use of the website
  • advertisement – cookies enabling provision of a better matched advertising content

What cookies are not and what are not used for:

  • Cookies are not used to identify users or to determine their identity; they identify computer and browser data which allows to determine whether a particular site has been already visited
  • Cookies do not have effect on the manner of operation of stationary or mobile computers and devices
  • Cookies do not change the software on end devices
  • Cookies do no allow reading of information they contain by servers other than the one which created them

Information stored on your computer sent from our website is not collected or processed in any way or form.

You can disable the storage option of all or some of the cookies by changing setting of your web browser.
If you decide to reject all cookies, use of some o the content or functionalities of a particular website may not be possible, especially those that require logging in. Disconnecting cookies does not result in lack of possibilities of viewing our site.

The majority of popular web browsers allows to:

  • accept, block or reject cookies services
  • manage cookies with regard to individual sites
  • manage cookies with regard to their individual type

For more information on the options of disabling and managing cookies, please visit the browser page:




Internet Explorer


If you use another browser, please read the information concerning privacy protection in the documentation contained on the website of the manufacturer of your website.

If your device is a mobile one, such as for example a telephone, smartphone, or tablet, read the privacy information contained on the website of the manufacturer of your device.